Your Apples – Your Juice

Make the most of your garden or orchard crop. Let us turn your apples into your own pure, delicious non-alcoholic apple juice, pasteurised to last 18 months and proudly displaying your own bespoke label.

Avoid the mush, mess and methane that rotting apples become and enjoy the taste of your fruit trees throughout the year.

Picking an apple from a tree

Apple juice’s health benefits really do keep the doctor at bay. Just one 150ml glass counts as one of your 5-a-day and recent evidence links consumption of apple juice with lowering of cholesterol, prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Your juice is made from your apples – nothing is added. What goes in comes out, ready for you to savour for months later. Every apple tree variety is different, so the taste of your juice will reflect the fruit of your garden.

Imagine :    your apples, your juice, in bottles with your name on
They make wonderful presents for the whole year, especially at Christmas, or just to share with family, friends and neighbours.

Apples that would otherwise go to waste also offer an easy and fun way to raise funds for schools, churches or community groups. Simply organize to gather in the apples, deliver them to us as a combined load and we’ll do the hard work. Our special prices will give your cause a good margin when you sell the juice on to your community and supporters.

When the season starts, harvest apples you would be happy to eat and bring them to us. Then, after you have received your emailed invoice approx 10 days later, return and collect your own-labelled bottles of delicious juice. There is no minimum and no maximum weight of apple;  a standard bucket of approx 7 kg will give you back at least 5 bottles. It couldn’t be easier.

Does the idea of your own-labelled apple juice appeal?
Do you know someone who might like their own juice?