The Apple Juice Project

This is a community based project that can deliver a surprisingly wide range of benefits.
It could be of interest to: a school, a charity, a church, a youth club, a sports team, a community orchard – in fact any community group that would like to raise funds – and have a positive impact along the way.

Community Apple Juicing  presents a tremendous community-wide opportunity to raise funds, and at the same time, potentially:

  • educate people, especially children, about how food is grown, manufactured and delivered;
  • open people’s eyes to the range of nature’s harvest that is all around;
  • link-up people from all corners of a community, especially draw in those with trees in their gardens who may live lonely;
  • build and bind a project team through shared vision, exercise, delivery and achievements;
  • turn something that would otherwise rot and waste away – into a delicious, nutritional, local – ‘5-a-day’ drink;
  • save thousands of food miles, and £££,  vs buying alternative juices & fizzy drinks;
  • start other conversations about possible local environmental, social and health benefits.

An apple on a board

Your group would encourage its supporters to harvest and gather ripe, undamaged apples from their owns gardens, and other places where apples could go to waste, and take them to a central location.

The combined load would be delivered to us (at an agreed time), to be pressed, bottled and pasteurised as a single batch, with the group’s chosen name on the label.

For fundraising groups bringing a substantial load of apples, we will offer this service at a discounted price per bottle. These bottles of juice would then be bought by supporters and anyone across the community, at a price set by the project team.

If just 20 supporters collected a wheelbarrow each (approx 30kg)  – that would total 600 kg and produce c 450 bottles, which should earn £400 – £500 net, depending the final selling price per bottle.


Please register you interest here – so we can discuss how to an Apple Juice Project could make a difference to your school or community group.