The Juicing Service

Bottle of home-made apple juice

You Harvest the Crop

What types of apples make the best juice – eaters or cookers?

Bring whatever you have – all pure apple juice is delicious,
especially when it comes from your own apples!

Eaters are sweeter.
But many enjoy the sharpness of juice made solely from cookers.
However, if you have both types, or can combine crops with a neighbour,  an 80:20 mix could be just right for many taste buds.

Which apples should I select?

The riper the better. The darker the pips – the riper the apple.
You could then put down a sheet –  give the branches above a shake – and use the sheet to ‘pour’ the apples into boxes.
Easier than picking them up.

Don’t bring any apples that are rotten, damaged,dirty or at all bruised.The quality of the fruit is what decides the quality of the juice.Two apples being washed

What about Pears?

Do bring pears too.  On their own they can be almost too syrupy & sweet – so we advise mixing with apples, for a taste that is hard to beat.

You Deliver

Is there a minimum quantity?

NO. One bucket is good – a trailer load is even better.

When can I deliver?

A soon as your fruit is ripe.  We will be ready in August to press early varieties – September, October and November are the peak months – and late varieties can be harvested through to Christmas!

Re-visit this website later for opening times.  Or even better, contact us here and we will even send you suggestions to help you get the best from your trees,  as well as sending information as the season approaches.

Then – we do the rest:

We Wash and Check

Every apple is washed and checked; any apples found that would affect the taste are removed.

We Pulp and Press

We use modern stainless steel equipment to shred your apples into a pulp and then a water-powered press to squeeze out the delicious juice.
Each batch is kept separate from others, to ensure you get your own juice back. The pomace (the squeezed remains of the apples) is not wasted, but will be composted for next year’s vegetables, or it could be fed to pigs, cattle or chickens to enhance their taste.

We Bottle and Pasteurise

We fill green 75cl glass bottles with your juice and secure with a tamper-proof cap. The juice is then pasteurised so that it can keep for over a year. Once opened, it should be chilled in a fridge and consumed within 4 days.

We Label

We then print bespoke labels with your own house name, or whatever heading you want. You could choose the name of your school, community group or even celebrate a special occasion.
Home made apple juice on a table

You Pay and Collect

When can I collect?

Your bottles should be ready for collection 10 days after you dropped them off.

How much does this whole service cost?

We started this community juicing service 7 years ago, and are hoping to significantly increase the volume we press in 2017.The charge is £2.50 for each personally labelled 75cl bottle.

We are planning to further discount this charge for schools, charities and community groups who bring us a substantial load of apples, as a fundraising exercise.  Please contact us here with your information for more details.

We could even bespoke label these bottles for you – please contact us to discuss your thoughts.

You Share and Drink.

Can you think of a gift that would generate more pleasure or more pride – than your own apple juice?

Pasteurised juice will last for 12 + months un-opened. Serve chilled, keep in the fridge and drink within 4 days.

For younger children, you could dilute to taste to manage the sugar content. Alternatively, for all ages, mix with a dash of soda water for a delicious apple spritzer!

As winter approaches once more, mulled apple juice warms to the core, though alcohol free;  but served with Winter Pimms it becomes something else!

Please register your interest here – and we will send you more information later in the year.